Popo Aesthetics

Popo Aesthetics

The reason for doing this is that the ass is small, flat, or it loses its volume over time and hangs downwards.

There are 2 methods of this process:

  1. After taking the fat from the body, the oils are injected and injected into the butt.
  2. Butt prosthesis is given to the butt as in the breast prosthesis.

Fat injection of the butt is a comfortable and natural procedure due to its own fat tissue. Popo oil injection is done in 2 stages.

After 8 months or 1 year after the first injection, the second test is performed. After this procedure, the patient does not need new injection between 3 and 6 years. During this time, the patient has a full but aesthetically pleasing butt.

Butt prosthesis is placed under the muscle of the bottom of the buttocks. When done correctly, good results may occur, but over time, the prosthesis may shift due to the fact that the butt is a very mobile region. This situation is one of the risks that should be told to each patient.