Nose Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty)

Nose Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty)

Rhinoplasty exhibits the vision of a plastic surgeon. ''

Pre-operation Preparation

At the first meeting with the patient, the patient's demands are taken and the patient tries to understand what kind of nose he wants. In the second stage, the patient's nose is examined in detail and the patient is informed about the shape of the nose that may occur at the end of the operation.

Operation Process

If there is any problem of breathing through the nose of the patient for whatever reason, breathing operation is performed in the same operation. The patient is operated in the morning, the operation lasts about 1, 2 hours and after the operation, ice is applied to the eyes. It is very likely that the patient will have no pain after the operation. The pain may have slight infiltrations instead.


The patient is a guest in the hospital one night, because this is to increase his comfort. He is discharged in the morning. The patient comes to the 3rd day after the operation. Nowadays, the silicone air channel splints have been replaced by the patients and our fearful cloth diapers. This change in the surgical technique is a revolution. Silicone does not stick to the left or right, so it does not hurt the patient. Patients only experience the feeling of withdrawal of silicone from the nose. Some of the patients (those who do not perform breathing operation) no nasal tampon is placed. When one week is full, control is performed, nose splint is taken and tape is adhered. The next process is now the natural healing process. When one month is up, the patient is invited, the photos are taken and the photos are placed side by side with the preoperative images and compared with the patient.