Although the liposuction is perceived as a weakening method among the population, this is incorrect information because liposuction is a contour correction surgery rather than a weight loss surgery.

In order to achieve successful results, firstly the patient's health, skin elasticity and weight should be checked. Because the amount of fat to be taken from the patient in this process should be 5% of the person's weight.

For example, 3.5 or 4 liters of adipose tissue from a person with an excess of 25 vermeCo will not produce a pronounced result in the patient's body. Therefore, the patient is not satisfied with the procedure, but in a person who has 10 kilos of excess, this fat ratio can provide an average of about 2 sizes on the patient's body.

This process varies according to the size of the process to be done between 1 and 3 hours. The corset should be used for 3 or 4 weeks after the procedure. This makes the edema faster.

The operation should be performed in a fully equipped hospital environment. Depending on the size of the procedure, the patient will stay in the hospital or return to social life in the process. Liposuction is a painful procedure and it is now much more comfortable.