Light Filling

Light Filling

Nowadays, dark circles, sediments and bags and light fillings are applied to the undergrowth of women and men.

Both the effects of aging and environmental factors in urban life, stress, etc. When the factors come together, it is inevitable that the skin deformations occur. The detention and the eye area, which have a more special skin structure than the other regions of our body, are the first regions where these defects occur.

Why do deformations occur in detention?

It has a special skin structure under the eyes and around the eyes. Both the skin and the subcutaneous support tissue of this region is quite thin. Therefore, collagen elastin fibers in the skin in this region is thinner and lighter. Due to this age, the first disorders in the skin begin to occur around the eye and around the eyes. The area around the eyes is the most vulnerable to deformations compared to other parts of the face.

What is Light Underfilling?

Light filling today; it is the filler which is produced for under eye applications and ends up in the eye tissue. It is called as phenomenon of light because it reflects the light coming from around the eyes and illuminates and revitalizes the skin. With these substances, it provides enlivening and revitalization effects around the eyes as it provides structuring at the cellular level.

Who Uses the Light Fill?

Generally, bruising, bagging, pitting, eye wrinkle around the eye can be applied to every adult. This process opens the color of bruises, fills the pits and reduces the appearance of bags in light bags. Thus, it becomes an effective method in opening the wrinkles around the eye and its environment.