Hair PRP

Hair PRP

PRP Hair Perform;

PRP Hair Treatment is a treatment method applied with tissue regeneration treatment to reduce hair loss and revitalize weakened hair follicles.

In PRP hair treatment perform; from the patient who has hair problems, red blood is obtained by separating alonan 10 cc scale blood in laboratory environment. A special treatment of leukocytes, platelets, clotting factors and PGFs in this red blood is prepared and the plasma required for PRP treatment is prepared. This treatment is terminated by injecting hair loss into the area where hair loss begins or is weakened by the plasma napage method.

This procedure is 30-45 minutes. After the procedure, the patient does not have any pain and stigma about the operation. After the prepared plasma is injected into the patient, the person can continue with normal life. It is recommended by experts to repeat the procedure once a year, so that the results of this procedure, which are repeated once a month for three months, can be prolonged.

PRP Treatment Method

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment method should not be confused with hair transplantation. In the treatment of PRP treatment based on stem cell logic, the first procedure is the centrifugation of blood taken from the patient. Plasma separated from red blood by centrifugation is applied to the patient's skin with mesotherapy and filling method. Plasma applied to the skin by this process secretes the growth factor that triggers the migration and proliferation of stem cells.

In the PRP treatment method, the use of a plasma that is used from the patient's own blood eliminates the risk of disease and allergy that can be transmitted by blood to the treated person. PRP treatment method is attractive because the operation is performed painlessly and no trace is left after the application.