Face PRP

Face PRP

Platelet Rich Plasma is the abbreviated name of the application called platelet-enriched plasma application. This application is based on the amount of 10 cc of blood taken from the individual by placing it in a special tube after centrifugation and decomposing it into the components and the plate-rich plasma obtained by injection back into the same work.

Platelets are the cells that intervene first when there is any injury in our body. These cells are the components of the blood that are damaged in our body and which contain the necessary growth factors. When any damage occurs in our tissues, our blood collects platelets to this tissue and initiates a repair process. The purpose of PRP is to provide a much greater number of platelets than can be transported to this target tissue by blood circulation. Thus, the damaged tissue starts repairing so fast and powerful and results in faster results. Because the platelets obtained with prp are 2 to 4 times greater than the density of platelets.

The aging of our skin is caused by the loss of some physical properties as in the same injury process. For this reason, in our practices for enriching our skin, we actually mimic the healing of our bodies by a variety of methods. For example, methods such as laser, peeling, light damage to the skin limits, and this damage is used as a trigger power to quickly improve our skin, this damage is then released growth factor and healing process begins.

The most effective, fastest and most natural way to repair a skin damage is a part of the whole of the skin. For this reason, plasma application has evolved as a method that activates this magical power circulating in our veins.

PRP application is used in areas such as aesthetics, orthopedics, dental, non-healing wounds, chronic pain, tendon damage and treatment of rheumatic symptoms.

The PRP is often used in body parts such as face, neck, décolleté, hands, legs and arms.

Where PRP will benefit; To provide rapid structuring of the skin immediately after the aesthetic applications such as laser / peeling, to provide the resilience and brightness to restore the bad results of sun exposure for many years, to accelerate the healing in cases where the chronic non-healing wound, crack and skin integrity are damaged, to ensure the revival of the hair and to resist the spillage and other areas mentioned above.

According to the area of ​​application, 1 or 2 tubes (16/23 ml) of blood are taken and centrifuged to separate the platelets. It is applied to the skin in the form of mesotherapy by pulling from the separated platelets to the rich plasma injector. It emerges after a few weeks of applying the revitalizing and rejuvenating effect of the skin. Preparation and application is a short process that lasts 15-20 minutes.

PRP application is made in the form of micro injections applied into the skin. No painful sensation is expected other than a slight discomfort during blood collection and administration by microinjection. Mesotherapy with PRP is mostly done in the skin.

Immediately after the application, a revival of the skin occurs in the early period, but in order to show the ideal results, 3 or 4 applications are required at 2-week intervals. After these applications, a permanent effect becomes apparent.

Cures consisting of 3 or 4 treatments provide an improvement in the skin, but for the continuity of the improvement, cure therapy should be per- formed at 12-18 months. This can be a more lasting effect.