Dermabrasion or sanding is a process to correct the rough appearance on the skin surface. It is most commonly used for the removal of irregularities in the skin due to acne scars or other reasons. Other areas of application include wiping of tattoo marks, removing skin spots and improving the appearance of the skin.

The skin can be divided into two parts, the upper skin or the epidermis and the lower skin or the dermis. The upper skin always renews itself. But the lower skin never renews itself. By the dermabrasion method, the entire skin is removed from the skin and the upper part of the lower skin is removed. When the surface layer of the skin is peeled, it is possible to get rid of the spots, skin irregularities, thin wrinkles. With the healing of the peeling skin, a smoother, tense and fresh skin layer is created.

The operation is performed under local or general anesthesia depending on the width of the area to be applied dermabrasion. The process may take up to 1-1.5 hours depending on the width of the area. After the operation, the person can usually return home on the same day. The application is carried out by peeling the skin with the help of a motor that turns the diamond stone at the tip.

There may be pain in the form of mild burning after surgery, but it can be easily controlled by simple pain medications. There will be open wounds in the treated area due to skin peeling.

If the wound is not covered by clothing, no bandage is applied. Appropriate pomatis are left open by driving. If the wound is in an area covered by clothing, the dressing is covered with a bandage or dried to prevent damage to the wound by contact with the wound. It can bathe in a few days following the surgery. It takes 5-10 days for the wounds to heal and cure. When a wound is covered with a fresh skin cover, it becomes pinkish. The pinkish color diminishes over time and takes the normal skin color over time.