Bucket Ear Aesthetichs

Bucket Ear Aesthetichs

The Bucket ear deformity is usually caused by genetic factors. These deformations are removed by applying ear gum aesthetics. Bucket ear Aesthetics, called otoplasty in medicine, is a permanent solution to this problem. This problem is one of the leading disorders of the ear. If the ears that complete the appearance of the face in terms of aesthetics are scoops, different psychological problems arise. Even if these are tried to be covered with hair in later periods, this success cannot be achieved. Especially children experience psychological problems in this regard. Therefore, this problem should be solved permanently with the ears of the ear from the age of 5-6 years, when the cartilage of the ear has completed its development. These operations should not be considered as a plastic surgery because it eliminates the bucket ear problem that causes psychological problems in individuals.

It is not possible to return after the surgery performed using the surgical method. Ears that are made of ear-ear aesthetics are permanently shaped.

How is the ear surgery performed?

Thanks to the ear-to-ear aesthetics performed with a small incision that is not noticeable at the back of the ear, a permanent shaping is made in the auricle. The cartilage structures in the ear are shaped by bringing them to the appropriate angle with the permanent sutures used during the operation. This surgery creates a permanent improvement in the ear. The greatest advantage of the surgery is that there is no possibility of recurrence of the ears. The operation is completed in approximately 1 hour for both ears. After surgery, ears suppressive bandages are applied. Bandages on the ear cannot be opened for 5 days. During this time, the bandages are opened by the doctor and a band of tennis players is attached to the ears of the patients. After a successful operation with no visible traces, the self-confidence of the people increases and they are better connected to life.

People with this operation experience differences according to male and female patients in return to work and social life. Women normally use the hair band as an accessory to their hair, so they can return to their normal lives immediately after the surgery. Since men do not have this chance, they need to wait a little while they return to normal life.