Breast Enlargement

Breast Enlargement

Every woman wants to have steep and full breasts throughout her life, but many women have either genetically small breasts or lose breast tissue after breastfeeding due to breastfeeding. Silicone breast prosthesis is the most suitable and healthy solution of breast size.

The brand and quality of breast prosthesis is as important as the doctor experience and should be considered. The use of a low quality breast prosthesis to reduce costs is an unforgivable error.

Before deciding on this procedure, the patient should fully understand the patient's expectations and a long interview with the patient should be made to determine the patient's body size. As in every operation, the most important issue in our breast prosthesis applications is not promising more than we can do to our patient.

Unfortunately, breast prosthesis alone may not be sufficient in some patients. In patients with sagging more than a certain extent, using only a breast prosthesis may cause great unhappiness for the patient. In such cases, steepening and breast prosthesis should be performed together; Because it is important that the patient does not see what is appropriate to do, but after the procedure he has a breast like he wants.

The operation lasts about an hour and the patient is a guest in the hospital one night. A special bra should be used after the operation. In our opinion breast prosthesis is one of the best results of plastic surgery when applied to the right patient