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He Became Paralysed, Recovered Via Physical Treatment



The businessperson, 33 years old, living in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, was in addition to his own field of work, as a hobby performing as a singer. He was singing at his own cafeteria 4 months prior and suddenly fainted. Küçük was immediately taken to a hospital, his blood pressure was very high and he was discharged home after administration of various treatments. Headaches and blood pressure persisted, 20 days later he fainted again, this time at his home. A brain hemorrhage (aneurysm) was observed in the performed investigation and he was admitted to emergency surgery. After a 1.5-month intensive care in a hospital in Cyprus struggling to survive, Küçük did not receive any benefits from the administered treatments and was transferred to Istanbul via an air ambulance upon request of his family. His entire body was paralyzed and he was unconscious. He received treatment at the Memorial Şişli Hospital Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation - Stroke / Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center.

Football and music were his passion

Eser Küçük, who is a citizen of Northern Cyprus, had no known blood pressure disease although his mother and brother had high blood pressure. Even though he had a familial predisposition, he did not undergo any control examinations. He was doing his job and playing football, playing guitar and drums, and singing. At home, every time he found an opportunity to play guitar or drums and singing to his friends, he did so. Küçük suddenly fainted while singing at his cafe. Küçük was immediately taken to the hospital by his relatives and employees, his blood pressure increased above 20. He was administered serum and blood pressure-lowering medication and was discharged home.

He lived with a brain hemorrhage for 15 days

The blood pressure reached normal levels following treatment at the hospital, Küçük was using medication due to headache. However, he could not get rid of the headache. Küçük, while trying to continue his work, also presented himself to physicians in order to find out the cause of his headaches. Küçük could not be diagnosed for 20 days and fainted again at home. Küçük was taken to a hospital immediately, however he could not regain consciousness. Physicians told that Küçük, who was completely unconscious, experienced a cranial hemorrhage.

He struggled for 45 days in the intensive care unit

Due to cranial hemorrhage, he underwent surgery and the hemorrhage was stopped, he was then admitted to the intensive care unit. Eser Küçük remained in the intensive care unit for 45 days, however he did not improve, nor did he regain consciousness. Küçük's family was aware that their child would not improve in any way and decided to transfer their son to Turkey, their homeland.

Two months later he was able to eat in Turkey

Due to brain hemorrhage, he was completely unconscious and his body was almost completely paralyzed. He lost the function of swallowing during his stay in the intensive care unit in Cyprus and thereafter at the clinic due to brain damage. His family decided to transfer their child to the Istanbul Şişli Hospital Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center. He was transferred to Istanbul by an air ambulance 3 months ago and was hospitalized. He was diagnosed with brain aneurysm but could not be given effective stroke rehabilitation due to limited resources. He was examined in detail by the Head of Department Prof. Engin Çakar, MD.

For many years, he has been involved in the treatment and rehabilitation of brain edema, stroke, brain injury and paralysis due to problems such as brain hemorrhage, cerebral vascular occlusion and clotting. Prof. Engin Çakar, MD determined that Eser Küçük has a potential for recovery. He planned and applied the physical therapy and robotic rehabilitation process suited for Eser Küçük, who was semi conscious, fed via a nasogastric tube and being ventilated via respiration support. First lung respiration functions were rehabilitated and the correct functioning of his lungs was reestablished. Then swallowing therapy was applied and swallowing functions were normalized. Breathing tubes called tracheostomy were removed. Eser Küçük was unable to eat during his condition for about 2 months and ate for the first time in Istanbul. With the applied treatments, he regained full consciousness, became able to move his feet and arms. Küçük said: “I was admitted to the hospital in half comatose condition, now I am able to sing my favorite songs and am able to walk easily without any help”. I will be recovering completely and return to my work in Cyprus.

He became able to walk within 9 weeks

Prof. Engin Çakar who successfully carried out the treatment with his team said the following: “As Eser arrived, he was being provided swallowing and breathing functions with the help of tubes. We provided the proper nutrition together with the swallowing function therapy. We provided lung breathing rehabilitation for proper lung function and respiratory function and helped him regain normal breathing functions. We started exercises for straight posture and passive walking via a robotic bed. We stimulated him via classical physical therapy methods and electric current and all joints started to regain their movement abilities. When he began to hold his trunk upright, virtual reality supported robotic walking treatment was started. We concurrently exercised his hands via a hand-arm robot. The process was carried out stepwise by taking the patient's development into consideration. Within 9 weeks, he was able to walk independently. We will be sending Mr. Eser back to Cyprus in a totally healed state. Eser Küçük and his family has invited our team to their venue in Cyprus where they will be performing live music.